Author: Hesam Darani

Carbon Limits holds a MACC workshop in Sri Lanka

Carbon Limits recently completed a first mission to Sri Lanka as part of the UNDP project focusing on mitigation actions in the energy generation and end use sectors in Sri Lanka. The project includes development of Marginal Abatement Cost Curves (MACC) for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency options in Sri Lanka. The project also focuses … Continued

Published in the Journal of Energy in Southern Africa: Suppressed demand in the CDM – conceptual and practical issues

Randall Spalding-Fecher’s article on a “suppressed demand”, a significant challenge where energy services provided are insufficient and current consumption does not reflect the real demand, was published in Vol 26 of “Journal of Energy in Southern Africa”. The article can be downloaded here:  

Development of a gas master plan for Gabon – final workshop

The WB/GGFR has been working with Gabon for several years, and in 2015 Carbon Limits was awarded the contract for the project entitled “Identification of Gas Market Development and Gas Flaring Reduction Opportunities in Gabon”, which has as its main objectives: To provide a technical opinion on the existing projects for gas flare reduction; To … Continued

Carbon Limits participates in new work on climate finance and transformational change

Randall Spalding-Fecher has contributed to a new study which explores how results-based funding could be delivered effectively by using tools and processes of crediting mechanisms. The study focuses on key design aspects for programmes using crediting mechanisms, including the suitability of using crediting mechanisms to deliver results-based funding, achieving a high mitigation impact, fostering transformational … Continued